Pre-order shipping date: early to mid-March. Stripe payment preferred for orders outside US :'33!

READ BEFORE ORDERING(Shipping & After Shipment Policy)

Shipping Information

  • All orders are shipped from Malaysia.
  • I am NOT in control of shipping prices. Shipping is inclusive of packaging material, handling fee and tracking.
  • International packages will be mailed through Flexipack.
  • Due to covid, the countries I can currently ship to are limited due to the option being unavailable or simply too expensive, thank you for understanding!
  • The countires I can NOT ship to currently are: 

    Afghanistan, Israel, North Korea, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Timor Leste, Ukraine and Yemen. [updated February 2024]

More about places where I can ship to here.

Kindly note for Nyam plush orders, that only 1 plush can fit in the mailer, if you order more than one, they will be shipped in separate packages.

Pre-order Information:
  • Pre-order estimated time: 4-5 weeks+
  • Please allow me sometime to pack your order after it arrives! I am just one person working out of my bedroom!!
  • Orders inclusive of Pre-Order Products will be shipped out once the items arrived. Production updates will be posted on my social medias!

After Shipment Policy

  • All sales are final. I do not accept refunds or returns.
  • Buyers are responsible for the customs fee upon arrival of their package if applicable. Please be aware before placing an order.
  • Please contact me through e-mail if you need to change your address. 
  • Once the package is shipped, I have no control of the condition of the package. I will do my best to package your items as securely as possible.  Additionally, I will not be able to contact your local post office for you.
  • Compensation will be given for heavily damaged packages only when provided photos as proof and buyer pay for the shipping fee.
  • Please contact me through e-mail or twitter/instagram if you have any questions or concern, I will do my best to assist you!